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A true renaissance woman, Wendy Starland was called A Modern Da Vinci by Welum Magazine. Wendy Starland has successfully delivered the highest standard of excellence in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, silkscreen, lithography and music over the course of her celebrated career. Her passion to express complex ideas about societal norms and concepts through her figurative art is instantly compelling through a lush landscape of color and texture. This Ivy League educated Cornell graduate is now gracing magazine covers worldwide and is sought after by the world’s most prestigious contemporary art collectors. NBC News states: Wendy Starland's painting style combines smooth detailed elements of photorealism with the lush, thick painting style reminiscent of the post-impressionist and expressionist artists. Her images have a classic and timeless feel to them. In addition, Wendy Starland is a groundbreaking force – and this exhibit of her Haptagram NFT is a trailblazing moment in art history. Starland's oil paintings were featured at an event hosted by Forbes Magazine at blue chip gallery, Winn Slavin Fine Art, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA. Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery represents Master artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt, and Salvador Dali. Starland created a series of oil paintings on the subject matter of time that were inspired by photographs taken with Darwin World Media. With her latest series of oil paintings in high demand by art collectors internationally, Wendy Starland has been named the Art World’s New ‘It Girl.'

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Wendy Starland It  Girl.jpg
Wendy Starland - Time Religion_edited.png

Time Religion 

Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf

52"h x 52"w

Time is your greatest asset. How you spend your time and who you spend it with define your life. If you choose to spend your time unwisely, no amount of money that can buy it back. Your instincts choose how your time is spent and ultimately determine your path forward. This practice is a faith unto itself - Time Religion. 

Time Escapes - 52h x 52w 2.jpg

Time Escapes 

Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf

52"h x 52"w

As time escapes you, you understand just how valuable it is. You question, “Are my best days behind me? Did I give it my best effort? Am I growing into the person I am meant to become? Am I choosing correctly? Have I spent my time on the people and situations that help me flourish or deplete my energy field?” As you ask these questions and look deep inside yourself, you realize that you’ve had the answers all along. Look in the mirror and see yourself clearly. You teach people how to treat you. You create your own value - both in the world and with others. 

Wendy Starland - Sundial Compass.jpg

Sundial Compass

 Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf

48"h x 48"w 

There are moments in life when time stops and you find yourself soaking in the light. You are present and alive. You know your path - and your worth. You’ve found your center. You have the dexterity to successfully navigate through life’s challenges. You breathe in confidence and exhale gratitude. You tell the world who you are... and the world listens. 

IMG_8407 2.jpg
Wendy Starland - Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball  

Oil on Canvas

40h" x 62w"


Reflection Of Power

Oil on Canvas

83"h x 48"w

Dream Reality - Oil On Canvas - Wendy Starland

Dream Reality

Oil on Canvas

97"h x 32"w

Wendy Starland Portrait of Randall Lane - Editor & Chief of Forbes .jpg

Portrait of a Gentleman

Oil on Canvas 

48"h x  ​36"w


City Streets

Oil on Canvas

60"h x 72"w



 Oil on Canvas

96"h x 36"w

 Wise Old Man  

Oil on Canvas

55"h  x 43"w


Reclining Nude

Oil on Canvas

24"h x 48"w

Love Vibration

Oil on Canvas

24"h x 18"w


Ladies Behind Rainy Glass

Oil on Canvas

32"h x 26"w


Flamenco Dancer

Oil on Canvas

36"h x 24"w



Oil on Canvas

32"h x 26"w


Armored Kiss

Metallic Gold Leaf Silkscreen and Balsa Wood

40"h x 24"w



Bronze Sculpture

5"H x 6"W x 14"L

White Swan

Oil on Canvas

24"h x 18"w

Welum Magazine's article  

Wendy Starland: A Modern Da Vinci

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